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Roger Chapman

Roger Chapman's new studio album is produced by Jim Cregan and presents ten new self-penned tracks.

While the album confirms Roger as a passionate, enduring and uniquely talented vocalist it further uncovers his niche as a mature, emotive and intuitive songwriter.


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One More Time for Peace

1. One More Time For Peace 2. Heading Back To Storyville 3 All Too Soon 4. Oh Brother, Take Me! 5. Hell Of Lullaby 6. All Night Paradise 7. Naked Hearts 8. Sweet Bird 9. Devil Got A Son 10. The Same Old Loving You 11. Jerusalem

Devil's Got A Son

...he's cleverly written a back to the roots album that highlights his excellent writing, and facilitates his croaky delivery. This album should be appraised as more than just the proverbial slow burner, if only because there really is so much great playing, clever arrangements and so much lyrical imagery to digest


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