Celtus - Rooted

Released as a stop-gap during their spring 2000 tour, Rooted is an excellent summary of Celtus' musical style: Irish folk fusion, contemporary rhythms and fine song-writing.

Featuring a handful of live tracks including favourites from their first two albums and the ethereal "Moonchild".

Celtus have been described as "Clannad meets Pink Floyd meets Enigma". Judge for yourself by listening to our extended audio clip.


Buy this album and get a FREE copy of the two-track CD single "Bubble" (2 different mixes) 1 per customer order.

Celtus - Bubble


Heart And Hand - Voyage - Time League -
Voice Cries Out
- Whisper  Wasteland - Navigator Purple Diadem - Unbound - Two Worlds  - Moonchild  - Bubble


A long-form audio clip featuring the following tracks:

Heart And Hand/Voyage/Voice Cries Out/Whisper/Wasteland/Navigator/Purple Diadem/Unbound/Two Worlds/Moonchild

© 2003.All rights reserved:
Tracks 1-8 Music House (International) Ltd.
Tracks 9-10 EMI Music Publishing UK Ltd
Tracks 1-8 written by P MCManus/J McManus/J Czerwik
Tracks 9-10 written by P McManus & J McManus



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