John Martyn

Recorded in Carlisle on 5th April 1996, a tremendous recording a few months before the release of  And.

The band is the ever-present Spencer Cozens on keyboards and Alan Thompson on bass guitar, Karl van den Bossche on drums and percussion, and the late Gerry Underwood on saxophone.

John and his band perform five new songs from And, some old favourites and two cover songs, Rock Salt and Nails and Yes We Can.

Bonus songs from 1986 are included.

One World edition 2003


And Live...

CD1 1. Big Muff 2. Couldn't Love You More 3. Step It Up 4. Carmine 5. Fisherman's Dream 6 She's A Lover 7 Solid Air 
8. Suzanne

CD2 1. Sunshine's Better 2. Rock Salt and Nails 3. Yes We Can 4. Johnny Too Bad 
5. John Wayne 6. Serendipity* 7. Lookin' On* 8. Angeline* 9. One World* 10. Over The Rainbow*

*Bonus Tracks

She's A Lover



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