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Virgil And The Accelerators

The debut album from one of the fast rising stars of the British blues rock scene.


Encouraged by Kim Wilson, mentored by Joe Bonamassa and after touring with Joanne Shaw Taylor, he's ready to make his mark. Together with his road tested power trio, it was never a question of if, but rather when, though there was the outstanding little concern about the band song writing ability.

'The Radium' answers all the questions and more as the album is quite simply a triumph because it captures all the good things about an up and coming band who are seemingly oblivious to their studio surroundings let alone their fans fast growing expectations.

Pete Feenstra.



The Radium

1. Working Man
2. Refuse To Believe
3. Backstabber
4. 88
5. Racing With Life
6. The Storm
7. Low Down And Dirty
8. Bad Girl
9. Fell To The Floor
10. Cold Hearted Woman
11. Silver Giver


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