Mystic Records

Tyla Gang - Yachtless

This is a welcome reissue of the 1977 debut album by the Tyla gang who emerged from the ashes of pub rock legends Ducks Deluxe in 1976.

The Tyla Gang played raunchy guitar-based boogie and enjoyed three very successful years before singer/guitraist Sean Tyla decided to go solo.

This reissue includes six bonus tracks including 'Amsterdam Dog' which features a pre-Graham Parker & The Rumour Brinsley Schwarz and Bob Andrew.



1. Hurricane 2. Dust On The Needle
3. On The Street 4. New York Sun
5. Speedball Morning 6. Don't Shift A Gear 7. Lost Angels 8. The Young Lords
9. Whizz Kids
10. Don't Turn Your Radio On
11. Amsterdam Dog 12. Cannons Of The boogie Night 13. Suicide Jockey 14. Styrofoam 15. It's Only Rock And Roll 16. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boogie

Dust On The Needle

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