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Sean Tyla - Just Popped Out/Redneck In Babylon

A two-on-one release featuring the first two solo albums by Sean Tyla. Both albums were recorded at the Who's Rampart studio, Sean recalls that the first album 'Just Popped Out' was subbed by Peter Townshend and the band to enable him to get the project finished.

'Redneck In Babylon' had a larger budget and featured Mickey Groome, Paul Simmons and guitarist Gerard Moffett who went on to work with Sheena Easton amongst others.


Just Popped Out/
Redneck In Babylon

Just Popped Out 1. Breakfast In Marin 2. Diamond lane 3. Undercover Lover
4. Lonelyhearts 5. Freeway In The Rain
6. Credit Card Bash 7. Nosferatu 8. Big Fat Zero 9. Chase The Fire 10. Falling in Love Again

Redneck In Babylon 11. Guten Abend
12. Casino Queen 13. Daddy Put The Bomp 14. Turn On The Fun 15. Let Me Love You 16. Phantom Of The Late Show 17. Landing Lights 18. Land Of The Buffalo Roam 19. Pink Cafe 20. The Babylon Suite 21. Paradise Lost

Freeway In The Rain


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