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Steve Tilston

This is a first-time reissue of the much-sought after 1976 album 'Songs From The Dress Rehearsal'. It was produced by Rupert Hine (later to produce for an eclectic mix of artists including Camel, Tina Turner and Stevie Nicks).

The album features the musical accompaniment of Hine, John G.Perry (ex-Quantum Jump) and Michael Giles (ex-King Crimson).

This body of work returns some of his finest songs to the canon of work available now by this accomplished and enduring British singer-songwriter.

The set is bolstered further with five extra tracks of previously unreleased material from 1979 by Tilston, produced by Stefan Grossman.





Songs From The Dress Rehearsal


1.Do What You Please 2. Face Of A Friend 3. She's The Woman 4. The Greening Wind 5. Impresssions 6. In The Light Tonight 7. Make Time For Love 8. Coming Into Love Again 9. Fairground Rock 'N' Roll 10. Rain All Around 11. Help Yourself To This Song

Extra tracks

12. In Limbo 13. Man Of Mystery 14. Mr Dreamer 15. Sing For Salvation 16. Love's An Illusion 17. I'll Be There


Do What You Please(Hey Girl)

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