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Famous Jug Band

After a break of some thirty years, The Incredible String Band's Clive Palmer is back in the studio with fellow Jug Band members Pete Berryman, Jill Johnson-Sharp and Henry Bartlett.

This is the third album from The Famous Jug Band (much championed by Ralph McTell with whom its members worked) and is again produced by the legendary Pierre Tubbs. Recorded in a village hall in Dorset, England this album of brand new songs is yet another charming venture in English pastorality.

Featuring Jill Sharp's clear, pure voice over the accompaniment of Pete's accomplished guitar playing, Clive's banjo and the distinctive trademark jug-playing of Bartlett (critically regarded as the country's leading exponent of the art).


O For Summer


1. O, For Summer 2. The Waiting Game
3. Hole In the Ground 4. Around Again (Save Me) 5. Baby Please Come Home
6. Time & Momentum 7. Winter Sunshine 8. Where Have You Been So Long 9. In the Night 10. Davy's Signal 11. Gone With The Light 12. Sitting Alone 13. Heartstop 14. Out Of The Blue 15. Shells 16. Danse De Matelots


Audio : Hole In The Ground

"… this reunion captures their singular appeal. Who would have guessed the doe-voiced Jillian Johnson-Sharp could turn out such McGarrigle-like melodies or that Pete Berryman's instrumental skills would blossom so? And then there's The Incredible String Band's Clive Palmer and his funereal banjo, contributing the eerie Into The Night and the title track. ***

Rob Beattie, Q

"… high quality folk music with some interesting sounds"

Bernard Law, Wondrous Stories


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