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"People On The Highway - A Bert Jansch Encomium" (Market Square MSMCD106) UK distribution through Koch International) delivers newly-recorded and highly individual treatments from the man's extensive catalogue by his peers and subsequent generations of artists influenced by his writing, guitar playing and distinctive vocal delivery. 'Encomium' is defined as 'formal or high blown praise' (Concise Oxford Dictionary).

Participating artists include Al Stewart, Johnny Marr's Healers, Roy Harper, Chris Smither, Brooks Williams, Steve Ashley, Bernard Butler, Donovan, Steve Tilston, Eleanor McEvoy and Ralph McTell.

The 26-song double album comes with a fully-illustrated 20pp booklet with notes by the artists and an appraisal by Colin Harper, whose biography of Jansch is published in the UK in August by Bloomsbury Press.

June 1999 saw the release of a new album of songs by Jansch,"Crimson Moon", whilst Jansch's catalogue undergoes reissue this autumn.

"The variety and quality of performances and the very detailed liner notes make this album a worthy tribute to a legend."

(Independent on Sunday Newspaper)

"A wonderfully diverse 2CD set with handsome packaging. … a definitive collection of great artists … required listening and a must-have. Your collection of British folk won't be complete without this. "

(George Maida, WCVE Radio, Richmond, MA, USA)

"… the highlights make this double CD well worth the effort. Current faves include Duffy Power's husky I Am Lonely, Roy Harper's beautifully resigned Needle Of Death and, perhaps bravest of all, a shattering rendition of Blackwater Side from Kelly Joe Phelps."


" … an erratic but intriguing tribute."


" … a vast range of disciples and devotees pay homage across 26 tracks. All songs seem strangely appropriate (e.g. Al Stewart with Soho) which suggests that the artists have given some thought to their choices and have mostly delivered outstanding, well-crafted interpretations."


"… a labour of love … a terrific album. A treat!"

The Living Tradition


People On The Highway - a Bert Jansch Encomium


DISC ONE 1. Strolling Down The Highway (Jansch) - Chris Smither Originally released on Bert Jansch (1965) 2. Dreams Of Love (Jansch) - Rab Noakes Originally released on Bert Jansch (1965) 3. Running From Home (Jansch) - Ralph McTell Originally released on Bert Jansch (1965) 4. Rambling's Going To Be The Death Of Me (Jansch) -Rod Clements Originally released on Bert Jansch (1965) 5. Do You Hear Me Now? (Jansch) - Donovan Originally released on Bert Jansch (1965) 6. Needle Of Death (Jansch) - Roy Harper Originally released on Bert Jansch (1965) 7. It Don't Bother Me (Jansch) - Steve Ashley Originally released on It Don't Bother Me(1965 8. Soho (Jansch) - Al Stewart & Laurence Juber Originally released on Bert And John (1966) 9. Blackwater Side (Traditional) - Kelly Joe Phelps Originally released on Jack Orion (1966) 10. Love Is Teasing (Traditional) - Steve Benbow Originally released on Nicola (1967) 11. A Woman Like You (Jansch) - Johnny Marr's Healers Originally released on Birthday Blues (1969) 12. I Am Lonely (Jansch) - Duffy Power Originally released on Birthday Blues (1969) 13. 1965 (Challis) - John Challis Previously unreleased

DISC TWO 1. Bird Song (Jansch) - Maggie Boyle Originally released on Rosemary Lane (1971) 2. People On The Highway (Cox/Jansch/McShee/Renbourn/Thompson) - The Legends Of Tomorrow featuring Colin Reid and Martin Hayes Originally released on Solomon's Seal (1972) 3. When I Get Home (Pentangle) - Bernard Butler Originally released on Reflection (1971) 4. Tell Me What Is True Love? - Brooks Williams Originally released on Rosemary Lane (1971) 5. Moonshine (Jansch) - Steve Tilston Originally released on Moonshine (1973) 6. Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning (Jansch) - Wizz & Simeon Jones Originally released on L A Turnaround (1974) 7. In My Mind (Jansch) - Bird Dog Originally released on Thirteen Down (1980) 8. Sweet Mother Earth (Milton Nasciemento Arr Jansch) - Martin Jenkins Originally released on Thirteen Down (1980) 9. Where Did My Life Go? (Jansch) - Eleanor McEvoy Originally released on Thirteen Down (1980) 10. Blackwater Side (Traditional) - Polly Bolton Originally released on Jack Orion (1966); re-recorded for Heartbreak (1982) 11. Is It Real? (Jansch) - James Devlin & Helen McGurk Originally released on Heartbreak (1982) 12. Step Back (Jansch) - Johnny 'Guitar' Hodge Originally released on When The Circus Comes To Town (1995) 13. Morning Brings Peace Of Mind (Jansch) - Adam Jansch Originally released on When The Circus Comes To Town (1995)

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"Now this is something rather special. There are many reasons for buying this album: fine music, a new perspective on Jansch's work and artists' sleeve notes which emphasise the respect and affection Bert is held. Hell, Roy Harper singing 'Needle Of Death' would be enough to makje me grad a copy. Whatever your reason: buy it."

Dai Jefferies, Rock 'N Reel

Double Album

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